Name:                                 Association EKO SMART
Address:                            Jemal Bijedic 60-4, Stip. 
Republic of North Macedonia.

Bank Account                     270072939920164    Halk Bank
VAT number:                      4029018521337
tel. no.                               ++389-77-613-707
/ 78-462-473


The Association EKO SMART is a voluntary, non-profit, non-governmental, non-partisan association of citizens, formed by free association of citizens for the purpose of realization, protection and harmonization of their interests, promotion of civil society and local communities, strengthening of economic development on the territory of Macedonia and wider, in accordance with the Constitution and the Laws. Citizens join together for greater use of solar energy, energy efficiency, training and assistance to SMEs, application of educational equipment for education, preparation of project documentation, organization of exhibitions on fairs, etc.

Mission: To help the business sector and education for greater use of solar energy.

Vision: Solar system in every home and every object


Goran Maksimovski, 4 years. at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Stip. born in 1994
He is regularly employed in our association EKO SMART
Specialization: Programming and analysis of databases.

HOBBIES: Music and concerts on the scene.


  Dragan Ilic, 4 years old. at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade. Born 1988
Area: Electronics engineer, repairer and installer of solar systems for electricity and hot water.

Hobbies: Fish Hunting


Stefan Trajkov. Mechanical engineer. Born 1993
At the postgraduate studies on renewable resources at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Skopje.
Area: Organization of fairs, application of solar energy in households and agriculture.

Hobbies: Football


  Tony Maximovski. Electrical engineer. Born 1964
Professor at EMUC Kole Nehtenin.
Specialization: Youth education, application of solar energy invasions in education.

Hobbies: Walk in nature. Exercise for better physical fitness.


Kire Marinkov, electrician, Born 1959
Area: Electronics, solar systems, white goods service

Hobbies: Innovation


  Donce Jordanov. Graduated mechanical engineer. Early 1948
Retiree area: Designing heating and air conditioning, application of invasions.

President of the Union of Innovators "Kiril Donski" in Stip


  Jordan Traikov. Graduated economist. Born 1936
Area: Economic analysis, market and sales.
HOBBY: Crossword

тел. 077-613-707 . Сите права се задржани на ЕКО СМАРТ.