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In cooperation with the University Goce Delchev from Stip and the Fund for innovations and technological development, in accordance with the call for innovation vouchers, a new software has been developed in the program LEDER for PLC controller in the dryer for fruits and vegetables
With this project software was developed in the program "LEDER", which is installed in the PLC controller. Recommended drying parameters (temperature, relative humidity, air flow and drying time) for a particular crop can be set. The user will be able to make their own fine settings. It will be installed in agricultural fruit and vegetable dryers. The current controllers are composed of various electrical elements such as: PWM fan speed regulator, 1-0 switches, time relay, relative humidity and temperature controller and other components. The main goal is to improve the operation of agricultural dryers and to obtain numerical data on the drying process via Wi-Fi.
Increase the efficiency of our company
With the new software, our company will be more efficient in the market. We will present a new and improved product.

Economic impact
The dryer will have a lower market price and better quality with the new controller. The controls on the control panel will be in Macedonian. If the dryer is intended for a market in Greece, Bulgaria or Serbia, we will change the names of the main parameters and names of fruits in their language.
Only general symbols will be stamped on the control panel. Example: If the client presses the F1 key, then the controller will enter the factory-set parameters for drying organic plums. Drying of agricultural products will be cheaper. These dryers use solar energy and electricity. energy from ESM / EVN (clean technology).

Social impact
Farmers will be able to dry part of the harvest themselves and re-place it on the market. Employment in the small and medium enterprises sector of agriculture, food and processing industry will increase. Drying is also applied to confectionery, teas and berries, mushrooms and more.
There is no pollution in the environment from the operation of the dryer. Unsold agricultural fruits will not be thrown away. The production of food for the needs of our country and for export will increase.


               PLC controller with drying programe

  Photo No. 1- Initial setup of the controller
  Photo No. 2 - Selection of manual or automatic mode

Photo No. 3, - Adjusting the operation of the heaters and exhaust fans ("МB" are current values measured by the probes in the dryer, "ЗД" are given values)

Those comands are on Macedonian Cyrillic language.

Soon, all program commands will be translate to English, Serbian, Albanian, Bulgarian and Greek Language




Note: The manufacturer reserves the right to change, without prior notice.

Last revision 14-Mar-22