Macedonia becomes an exporter of solar equipment systems in many countries in the world. Market offer only high quality products, and almost 95% of the production of solar collectors is from Macedonia. That this prompted the idea to open the electronic store for private company Eco-Solar from Stip, subsidized by the Macedonian government through the Ministry of Information Society and Administration.  




DSCN4998Representatives from the Energy Agency of the Republic of Macedonia, 20.11.2012 attended the opening ceremony of the photovoltaic power plant "Torpedo Solar", in the village of Egri, Bitola



 17 October 2012 in h.Kontinental - Skopje was organized meeting for  Solar Mac. members:

  1. Conditions and improvements for implementing solar energy in today conditions

  2. Problems on Macedonian solar market with large import of non pressurized vacuum solar systems and protecting domestic producers

  3. Activities for increasing implementing solar energy in Macedonia

  4. Suggestions for impalement those situation. Discussion

  5. Other  ...





21 June 2012  in Amphitheatre of Technological university in Skopje was presented new solar products for firm Camel Solar and review of confirmed FP7 projects. Presentation have D-r Anita Grozdanov from "NANOMAK", Dr Ilija Nasov  form Solar Mac. and others. As special guest was  ESTIF secretary Mr. Pedro Rodriguez ..  more


in town Stip was successfully organized  training for Certified Solar installers by Koblenz Handwerkskammer. Those education project was 3 weeks and it was supported by  Dr. Ilija Nasov and Dr. Sanja Popovska Vasilevska.  ...more



2011, h.Kontinental, Skopje - Workshop organized by ministry of economy. Discussion was implementing new activities about subventions solar thermal systems and Solar Key Mark  ...more



September 2011 in Munich and Koblenz Germany, was organized first international training for solar Multiplicatiors . Project was financed by Handwerkskammer Koblenz, and there was candidates from Macedonia, Croatia, Monte Negro, Bulgaria and Romania .... more


ADA and Austrian embassy in Macedonia organized group visit solar fair Linz 2011 . We have visit Austrian solar firms : Solar Focus, Sun Master,  Kolar... more



20 Oct. 2011 in h.Kontinental - Skopje was organized meeting for Solar Mac management:

  1. Information for current activities
  2. More support for solar energy
  3. Payment membership to ESTIF
  4. Other                                                         ... more


Rep. of Macedonia have a lot of dip. engineers, universities and ngo organizations, but none of them know how properly to install solar system on roof by using EU regulative. It was motto to organized first official training course for Macedonian solar installers in Koblenz. Project was supported by Macedonian and Germany Craft chamber.      more


Skopje, 23 June  2008.

Minister of agriculture Aco Spasenovski open first Macedonian solar test laboratory. On those ceremony was also Austrian ambassador Aloes Kraud, Mr. Werner Weiss and Rudi Moschik from AEE INTEC Austria. Those test center was financed by Austrian and Macedonian government  ...   more





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