There is so much graduate engineers, organizations and associations for energy, but Macedonia does not have qualified staff to mount solar installations.


The first 16 solar specialist in the country, completed the training in 2010. This training organized by Craft Commerce at Koblenz in the frameworks of the project for economic cooperation between Deutsche province Rajland Phalz with Southeastern Europe.
"Professors and engineers are so many, but if somebody needs to attach a covering on the building and properly install solar elements on roof, then no one does.. says Boris  Parvanov, project co-coordinator.

He says that, as a profession is still not waist specialist for solar installations and the objectives of the training to create an initial shot, which further will training others.

Their selection will a conducted by proposal to Craft Chamber of Macedonia, Skopje Craft Commerce and the Regional Chamber of Kumanovo and Stip.

- From contact with them understood the blanket no trained staff for this work, and so was required to conduct training. This training funded by the Deutsche and if the government has an interest in the future, they will be implemented, and other such courses for biomass and geothermal











Last revision   25-11-2012