Technical characteristics

   measure Werner 2
Gross area (m2 )   2  
Absorber area (m2 )   1.87  
Aperture area (m2 )   1.79  
Absorber material   selective Aluminum "Omega" sheet bounded in cooper tube 
Absorption coefficient (%) 96 2
Emission coefficient (%) 5 2
Pipe register frame (diameter in mm) Ф8 x 0,4
Collective pipe frame (diameter in mm) Ф22 x 0,8
Absorber volume (l)   1,75  
Transparent front cover  (mm) 3.2 mm clear tempered solar glass
Number of connections      4  
Connection diameter (mm) Ф22
Max. working / test pressure (bar) 9
Stagnation temperature (C) 175
Insulation  - back side   50 mm stone wool (40 kg/m3 )
Insulation  - on the sides   Polyurethane
Back area   0.4 mm  galvanized sheet
Collector construction   Double chamber aluminum profile "Werner"
Welding method    Hard soldering
Height (mm)   2000  
Width (mm)   1000  
Depth (mm)   86  
Weight (kg)   44  
    This is new improved method of triple ultrasonic welding. Main point is to increase contact area between cooper tubes and absorber and get better solar efficiency, as final result.

Thermal loses are also reduced to maximum. We use double chamber profile for body of the Werner solar collector, filled with polyurethane.

Collector body is two chamber Aluminum profile , filled with polyurethane. Back thermal isolation is stone wool density 40 kg /m3

Werner collector has very small thermal loses. 




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