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  Eko Solar is a pioneer company for manufacturing and installing thermal solar systems in Rep.of Macedonia. Our activities started in 1995 looking for more effective ways of extracting the sun's energy and transforming it to cater for the household and industrial needs in hot water. Its main production line involves solar thermal collectors, which convert solar radiation to thermal energy.

 Geographical presence

Eko Solar mostly install thermal solar systems in  Eastern Rep.of Macedonia, but we are active in all territory and collaborating with 24 solar firm installers ( our dealer network ) We continuously make import solar parts from China, Bulgaria, Greece and Slovenia and make solar products export in Croatia, Sweden and Switzerland.

Appearance on fair in  Skopje Macedonia,        Sofia  Bulgaria



Business philosophy Continuously improving solar collector efficiency, reduce thermal loses, no debts, satisfied customers and installers, realized timelines 

Mission and vision  Eko Solar has build its own reputation 16 years on base of quality. We are is the first manufacturer of solar collectors with "Omega" technology. Two members from out company successfully pass exam for solar experts in Handwerkskammer Koblenz, Germany. In October 2011 we will start with installing PV solar systems, after finished education training for installing.

Target  Our targets for next three years are: To find strategic partner firm from EU. Our product meets the quality standards set  by Solar Key Mark, ISO , The number of permanent clients exceeds 120, Our product can be placed a minimum in 2000 households, Growing every year with steady growth of 5%.




      References  in last 6 years

  1. 2004 Consulting services and parts for solar system for preparing hot water hospital in Bardovci Skopje. Join venture with firm “Sofkin” as main contactor.


  3. 2005 Education for solar collectors and installing solar system in “Majcin dom” Bitola.  Join venture with firm financed by ngo PROACTIVA. Financed by Norwegian government


  5. 2005 Substitution of energy in public bathroom for Gypsies in municipality of Stip.  Join venture with firm “UNI SOL 13” from Stip and ngo “CHERENJA”. Financed by Italian government


  7. 2006 Design new solar buffer for solar space heating. Join venture with firm “UNI SOL 13” from Stip and Prof D-R Slave Armenski from Mechanical University of Skopje .financed by ministry of education and science of Rep.of Macedonia


  9. 2006 Project: Using PVC material for solar collector body and polycarbonate as transparent cover. Join venture with Prof D-R Slave Armenski from Mechanical University of Skopje. Financed by Eko Solar and ministry of education and science.


  11. 2007 New polyurethane selective colors for solar collector - increasing efficiency

  12. Join venture with D-r Boris Orel for Chemical Institute - Ljubljana and factory Color - Med ode Slovenia


  14. 2007 install two thermosiphone solar systems in local football station Bregalnica and School ISKRA. Join venture with AEE INTEC- Institute for sustainable energy Gleisdorf, Austria, Municipality of Stip and ministry of education


  16. 2007 prototype - first Macedonian Photovoltaic solar collector

  17. Join venture with Mr. Kiril Donski and local association for innovations and implementing. Financed by ministry of education and science of Rep.of Macedonia

  18. 2008 and 2010 Install new thermal solar system in jail Stip  KPD Stip ( Biggest in Eastern Macedonia)

  19. 2009 Install new thermal solar system in hotel - restaurant Brilijant


  21. 2009 New Air solar collector with rotating absorber cells for inverse absorption and reflection. Join venture with Prof D-R Slave Armenski from Mechanical University of Skopje. Financed by Eko Solar and ministry of education and science.


Participating in training programs:

2006  One month Framework Program on Research for solar energy , Technological Develop­ment and Demonstration, financed - Development Austrian program 2006 ( 1 week in Greece, 1 week in Macedonia and 2 weeks in Austria)

2009   3 weeks Training program for installing solar thermal and PV. Financed from “Handwerkskramer” Koblenz. Successfully pass exam for SOLAR EXPERT in Koblenz , Germany

2010   3 weeks Training program for object energy efficiency. Financed from “Handwerkskramer” Koblenz, Germany

Continuously organize installing thermosiphone and pump solar systems. 60 to 75 solar systems per/ year and delivering thermal solar equipment to all other installers in Rep.of Macedonia


Bank account for foreign payment

Beneficiary EKOSOLAR doo Stip

Cveta Jovanova str.no14. Stip

Iban code: MK 07210701000395959

Bank: NLB Tutunska banka ad Skopje

Swift adress: TUTNMK22


Bank account for domestic payment


NLB Tutunska Banka


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