• Drying agricultural products and crackers
  • Air solar collectors
  • Installation of hybrid photovoltaic systems
  • Сушење на земјоделски производи и крекери   
  • Воздушни соларни колектори
  • Монтажа на хибридни фотонапонски системи

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Full name: Company for production, trade and services AGRO SOLAR LTD dooel s. Karaorman Stip

Adress . Star Karaorman, bb 2000 Stip, Rep. of North Macedonia
VAT  4029019522639
EMBS 7359594
Bank account 270073595940185 (Halk Bank)

AGRO SOLAR LTD  is registered main activity code 25.11 - Production of metal parts and constructions. trade and services.

Main products and services of the company are:

1. Production solar dryer machines

2. Installation small and medium PV and Thermal Solar Systems:
Photovoltaic (PV) solar systems for obtaining electricity.
Service of large thermal solar systems.

3. Ventilation
Manufacture of controllers for fruit and vegetable dryers.

Installing Electricity grid :
Repair of electricity in buildings and installation of new electrical installation.
Installation of lighting time control devices.





Note: The manufacturer reserves the right to change, without prior notice.

Last revision 21-Mar-22