• Drying agricultural products and crackers
  • Air solar collectors
  • Installation of hybrid photovoltaic systems
  • Сушење на земјоделски производи и крекери   
  • Воздушни соларни колектори
  • Монтажа на хибридни фотонапонски системи

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Drying fruits
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Training for proper handling of solar dryers, intended for the winners of the project Rural Woman in Resen, June 11, 2021






 Drying organic apples Golden Delishes.      Collaboration with university "Gotze Delcev"- Stip and Found of inovation and technological development -Skopje.



     Drying of forest fruits and apples in Probistip. November 2021.                            Note : In drought, at extremely high humidity, a white trace of polycarbonate appears, but it disappears over time.






           Trial drying of forest fruits and blue plum in "Bemar Fruit" Berovo, November 2021





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