• Drying agricultural products and crackers
  • Air solar collectors
  • Installation of hybrid photovoltaic systems
  • Сушење на земјоделски производи и крекери   
  • Воздушни соларни колектори
  • Монтажа на хибридни фотонапонски системи

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           Solar dryer machine capacity 200 kg.                                  (Capacity is determined if the harsh material has a specific weight of 0.7g / cm3)



View of the dryer from the left


Dryer with open door



5 air solar collectors for preheating and air filtration


Inlet of hot and filtered air into the dryer



Air duct installed on the back of the dryer


Ramp and ventilators with electric air heating of air as needed



Drying lavender and other flowers in Veles.            Regional Center for Support of Social Enterprises in V



Technical characteristics of the dryer   (without air solar system)

The air solar system works when there is sun, regardless of the outside temperature. It preheats or fully heats the inlet air, depending on the weather and the material being dried.
Dryer controls 5 sizes:
   1. Drying time (in minutes or hours) - Adjustable via time relay, positioned under the AGRO SOLAR logo
   2. Temperature inside the dryer (in C) - Adjusts through the device in the upper central zone with a dark gray color. At the moment the temperature was 41.7 C. Range from 10 to 65 C
   3. Relative humidity (in%) - Adjusts through the device in the upper central zone with a dark gray color. At the moment the relative humidity was 28.9%. Range from 5 to 95%
   4. Air flow. (m3 / s) - Adjustable via the Fan button Range 0 to 1000 m3 / h. Adjusts depending on whether the tea is dried or something else.
   5. Consumed additional energy from ESM EVN (measured in kWh) The user receives emails and diagram how much energy was used by the network of ESM EVN


Dimensions of the dryer are: 1.7 m (length) * 1 m (width) * 2.08 (height) V = 3.54 m3

Fan size F 300 (4 no)
- Fan power: 4 * 125 = 500 W
- Maximum air flow: 0 to 1000 m3 / h
- Power heating with electric heaters: 4.5 kW (three-phase)
- Floor insulation: Fibran 40kg / m3, 20 mm
- Insulation of the page: Aluminum (inside), polycarbonate and sandwich made of polyurethane foam.
Bottom of stainless steel drying trays - INOX
- Dimensions of the drying trays: 0.5 ͯ 0.8 m
Number of Inox drying trays: 17 * 2 = 34 (this number can be increased at the request of the buyer)
Total surface of Inox drying trays: 34 trays * 0.5m * 0.8m = 13.6 m2


Characteristics of the existing solar system (calculated according to the needs)

Air thermal solar collectors of 2m2 (5 pieces)
Metal construction for 5 solar collectors for the dryer
Pipeline F 150 with gable hose (in meters) 12 m
Differential thermostat for solar air systems
Other small material costs Electrical cables for connection, couplings. Wi Fi device for measuring electricity consumption. power and switch


Note: The manufacturer reserves the right to change, without prior notice.

Last revision 21-Mar-22